Executive Private Car Services

Get from point A to point B in style and on time. Our executive car service lets you and your colleagues enjoy the comfort of our limo fleet no matter where you need to go. At Austin Limo Ride, our chauffeurs are more than just drivers, they have extensive knowledge of the area in case you need recommendations for food, drinks, or lodging. In addition, our knowledge of the area can get you to and from your destination in a timely and efficient manner.

Our executive car service offers many benefits, including:

  • Comfortable transportationunited-limo-austin-executuve-car-service
  • Knowledgeable drivers
  • Reliable services
  • Professional customer service

We understand with today’s technology and the advent of phone apps, the transportation services have taken on a whole new meaning. Pretty soon if Google gets their way, we may not even have to worry about whether a driver understands us or not because the driverless cars of the future will probably have Google language translators built into the software.

The Apps have hurt the taxi and limo industry in a very serious way. Not to mention the bad press that the App companies have experienced lately. We cannot ignore this and pretend its just a fad because its not. We all felt in the beginning that Self Checkouts at the stores were only going to take peoples jobs away and it has, because we demand express service everywhere we go today. We are in a fast paced world with high demands on everything that we do. Fast paced drivers that race around town in their own vehicles trying to get jobs around every corner only diminishes the credibility and safety of what real Sedan Service is all about.

At Austin Limo Ride we are committed to giving the quality of service that people have demanded for years and we are as good as the reputation that proceeds us. Would you rather a stranger take your daughter home after a night on the town, or would you prefer using a company that is licensed through the City of Austin with full background checks on all their drivers. We tell our kids not to hop in cars with strangers, then why would we do it as adults just to save a few dollars.

We have accounts with companies such as Oracle, Dell, IHeart Radio, Apple, IBM, Dollar General, and others. Whether you need a 4am pick up to the airport, or anytime 24/7 we are here to serve you with a nice clean fleet of sedans and SUVs including the L series Jaguars. Give us a call at 512-420-0200 & 512-795-4926 and let us get you there safely.

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